Meet the Family

Welcome to our farm! We’re a family rooted in adventure, brought to the heartland by the US Air Force in 2011. It didn’t take us long to fall in love with the wide-open spaces of the Midwest and the timeless allure of homesteading.

In 2021, we took a leap of faith and planted our roots deeper by purchasing our farm here in Stover. It was more than just a piece of land; it was the canvas of our dreams. Inspired by the beauty of the countryside and fueled by our passion for sustainable living and health, we embarked on a journey to grow produce for our family and community using chemical free, sustainable methods.

Our farm isn’t just about growing food; it’s about nourishing connections and fostering community. From our family to yours, we invite you to join us on this wholesome adventure as we cultivate abundance one harvest at a time.